Rainbow Spirit Warriors

Ka'bi Aboriginal cultural histories of S. E. Queensland, Australia


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The Ancestral Pathways


In Memoriam

Cannibalism - Some Hidden Truths



The Cradle Carriers


The Legend & Song Storytellers

The Little People

The Philosophies of Dhakkanguini The Clever Men

 The Legend of Gympie

The Gympie Pyramid Story


The Clans of Kgippandingi

Yowie Tales


The Clans of Yuludara

The Gayndah Bear Story


Kgu'lulu - The Lands of Mystery

An Australian Prophesy  


Dha'muri - Land of Legends

The Seven Times Prophesy


 The Spiritual Journey

General Information


Gympie Pyramid CD E-Book


WARNING ! This site contains images of deceased aboriginal persons.
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