The Ancestral Pathways


The Pathway of Destiny for Man

“Man’s destiny is to return his seed from whence it came … his genius the greatest
creation within creations by the Supreme God Biral’i … a cosmic star child living in
an earthly paradise … but man became more than a wonderment of genius. He turned
from the light of innocence to the darkness of evil design ... He became not a god but a
human animal on a melting pedestal … He forgot the cycle on which all life on Earth
depends … Man will become the last resource … the cannibal of darkness will then turn
upon himself and feed until his seed is no more… no longer destined for the ancestral pathways of the Sky World but for the dusts of his self-created silent barren paradise
… Oh how I have sought Birali’s judgement on the future of man for his end will soon
come as the spirits of the Earth World take vengeance … Man is but a fool … Biral’i will
create another in a far off place and learn from his mistake with the human animal.”

- A prophecy recorded by one early Cultural Historian 3rd March 1889 -

What we display on this website is only a fraction of the insights into Ka’bi spiritual connections. To fully understand the complexities of the ancestral pathways for the class systems of the Ka’bi clans is no easy task. What historians recorded through conversations with the last Ka’bi Kgai’ya warrior called Dhakkan’guini is historic – possibly the most important cultural record ever documented for the Ka’bi peoples – the majority of which has never been seen in an accurate state; spoken of in great and full ceremonial dialogue since the early 1900’s missionary and governmental settlement indoctrinations; or even published previously by any early or later recorder of aboriginal history.

For those who desire a deeper academic understanding of in-depth Aboriginal histories, this sampled website cannot do justice to such histories. The greater knowledge slipped away during European and missionary influences – and clan extinctions. It is only now because of the recorded writings of the Ka’bi warrior Dhakkan’guini – spurred on during his final days by a consuming passion to preserve his Aboriginal culture – that we can now begin to increase our present knowledge and wonder at the accumulated wealth contained within his records. He was the right man in the right place at the right time. Justifiably, it is only now that his invaluable clan cultural records are being acknowledged for what they are by European and Aboriginal sources as the missing pieces to their cultural jigsaw.
A journey into the ancient Ka’bi spiritual beliefs of Dhakkan’guini's family clan and their associated connections reveals worldly realms of organised spiritualities and hierarchies not thought possible by our early resident peoples. Perhaps our disbelief can be attributed to the fact we have been misled into believing it was outside their capabilities – theirs was an advanced spiritual and socially interactive culture far surpassing any spiritual inclination we may profess as Europeans. These records expertly noted by one early historian therefore are Dhakkan’guini’s final legacy in the hope that they may have survived the onslaught of the early European settlers and the devastation they brought with them.

To fully understand Dhakkan’guini’s cultural legacy requires patience. It is a very complex ground plan taking millenniums to mature. It is also a unique learning experience which we must personally apply culturally and spiritually to gain a broader understanding in the perpetual cycles of life. It also teaches the harmonic relationships between human associations, dualities, interpretations, totemic spectrums, and progressions of spiritual life. We doubt if there is any person alive today who can do further justice to explain further the ancient spiritualities of the Ka’bi Kgai’ya peoples than that presented by their last warrior Dhakkan’guini and his accumulated knowledge of the pathway system based on the structure of the five elements – co-ordinations highlighted by lifestyles and intricate ceremonial body markings.

It is pointed out that in relation to these beliefs, there were male “secrets” that women did not have any knowledge or access to. The women thus reciprocated and protected their own knowledge sources. Despite the “separations”, both groups without doubt knew great and intricate details concerning the five ancestral destiny paths of universal energy leading towards their eternal rebirth. These beliefs of great spiritual significance were subsequently interconnected by relationships and co-bearings with the five elements that in turn governed all of their Sky World, Earth World and Under World teachings.

Three of these “pathways of purpose” through which all must travel in life could be called in modern-day terms as the “earthly dimensions”. Each of these pathways had special learning places entwined with classes of survival unionised with animals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, trees and skills. These in turn were linked to colours, emblems, symbols, body parts, functions, actions and other land based spiritual features – a complicated union that without further notes, one cannot define the structure in its entirety (this website cannot do justice in explaining such teachings) – only the Ka’bi Na’tja teachers knew the fuller knowledge of these ancestral paths.

To complicate understandings further, there are dualities existing throughout these pathway structures in that the good and evil dimensions are also connected. These are the “earth-based” pitfalls of the unwary. One could call these the positive and negative forces of “spiritual being” connected to the pathways. The Crow, the Bat, and the Black Moth are three of these spiritual forces – superstitiously revered as the forewarning spirits of death, prophecy, temptation or misadventure.

The fourth and fifth pathways are unseen. The fourth is the most sacred – a complete ancestral union with the universe – the “dimension” where creational life-forces govern all energies – the infinity where there is no beginning or end – a place where spiritual forces gather for the return to earthly life as they so choose. The fifth pathway is the pathway of choice – one’s decision to reincarnate and return to the physical world. In an edited endeavour to explain the five paths of destiny through very brief European terminologies as expressed within the Ka’bi’s religious life teachings, we theorise (in short):
  • THE MIDDLE PATHWAY – The Mental Pathway of the Mind. This is the central pivot to all others. It is the balance on which all life survives – the road to creational development leading to one’s eternal life and the spirit world. One must complete this pathway of learning before progressing to the outer pathways. If one fails the trials of the inner mental pathway, then the outer three are unreachable to the unfulfilled mind.
  • THE LEFT PATHWAY – The Pathway of the Spiritual Soul. This is one’s personal soul path to spiritual enlightenment leading out of the central journey of life. It is the religious preparation for the ancestral world and dreamtime histories. Without preparation for this path of destiny, the lost souls become wandering negative forces living unhappily, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. They will not return on rebirth because they are already lost.
  • THE RIGHT PATHWAY – The Physical Pathway of Survival. This is one’s direction through the earthly world using the wisdoms and guidance’s from the central and left pathways for the course of one’s survival in the present world. It is on this pathway one uses and preserves the resources of all that is about one’s self so that descendent life can continue. It is the sacred learning of the balances of nature. Upset the balance and all perish.
  • THE ANCESTRAL PATHWAY (the 4th Destiny) is the Celestial Spiritual Pathway to Sky World Ascension thus leading to one’s eventual Rebirth. This spiritual pathway is unseen in the earthly existence – hidden in the background of all three earthly paths waiting for the time when one’s soul must travel its onward journey. This path cannot be of one's control.
  • THE REINCARNATION PATHWAY (the 5th and final Destiny) is the last pathway of choice – one’s soul’s decision to reincarnate to the physical world. At the pinnacle of this path, rebirth occurs at one’s choosing – the soul reverting to an earthly form or being to be in spiritual union with one's former point of existence – the connection feature to one's ancestral land

These five “pathways” are all in due course linked to:

  • The rules of totemic belief; the “Seven Times” prophecy; the spiritual philosophies of Dhakkan’guini and his clan beliefs; songs for the newborn; the rituals in the making of a man; ancestral “Spirit Poles”; and the structures of song and dance circles.
  • All the Spirit Class Systems (Ancestral Birth, Family and Clan Names; Ancestral Heredity Characteristics; Ancestral Marriage Relationships, Rules and Divisions; Unspoken of Male/Female Class Relationships; Clan Government Systems and their Rules of Eligibility, Divisions & Classes).
  • The Five Languages of South East Queensland
A sample of the photo gallery:

Original Spiritual Pathway Bark Dot Paintings and a facsimile of an original drawing c.1860 showing plan details of the initiation and ceremonial circles explaining the “meaning
of Life” belief principles of the Ka’bi Clans.

(Reprinted with permission)

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