Dha'muri - The Land of Legends


Dha’muri – the lands of legends are indeed just that. The mystical ancient stories of the Ka’bi Kgai’ya peoples of the Mary River Valley and nearby Cooloola Coast region are immensely rich in spiritual and historical landscapes essential to the complete union of the Aboriginal with their Mother Earth. These wonderful and intriguing stories only reinforce our present search for learning and understanding that the cultures of the Australian Aborigine did indeed reach back millenniums into their mysterious time we Europeans have since termed "their Dreamtime".

We can all learn from these "fables" of antiquity from the passing on of such teachings and legacies by the Aboriginal warrior Dhakkan’guini and his life-long European friends who documented his histories. Perhaps through their interpretations, successive generations of races and creeds can revive the skills needed for their physical survival in this world and the fight against self-inflicted extinctions. However, humankind has three problems to solve in reaching that goal – ignorance, cynicism and apathy.

So expert were the fine tellings of these ancient stories designed for the three levels of Ka’bi Kgai’ya initiation (Kgip’pa, Bu’rul and Kgil’an) that even today, we, both European and modern Aboriginal, don't fully understand their precise meanings and definitions – and the histories that surround their formation. Only the fully initiated into each sacred class within a clan were ever given the real purpose and awareness of their belonging within the cosmos through the teachings.

Sadly, the "old ones" (the Na'tja or Na'tja-gu'ru) have long since gone and cannot assist us in our deliberations. Though their secrets and full interpretations are now seemingly lost in time, we still have their intriguing "fables" of life's purpose within nature, old land histories, and records of events in the past that raise our curiosity – thanks to early pioneers and historians.

The mysteries within Dha’muri – the Land of Legends, will continue to intrigue us for decades to come. The stories are in fact histories - "gospels" and legacies of a time long ago - each telling a course in history as they knew it - stories and principles told when one reaches "manhood" or initiation into the clan that should be given the same respect and reverence accorded to any other religious teaching on this planet. The ancients were in fact more civilised than what we have come to believe or taught to believe. Within the first few paragraphs of the Ka'bi Kgai’ya’s creational legend - The Legend of Mei-eedhan, the First Man, we are told of the rise and fall of the first and second times - from darkness there came light, the stars, the beginnings of the earth, the creation of all the animals, birds, flowers and finally man himself. The spiritual references and their meanings leave a lasting impression on all who read the ancient teachings.

When we go further and examine the magnificent spiritual legend from the third time - the Legend of Maira'mirri'jin the Star Man, it is only then that we come to realise that we have "scriptures" of such unbelievable value and in-depth spiritual complexities that we automatically go into overdrive to seek out the infinite messages contained in the ancient passages. We even have a record of a catastrophic event some centuries ago. Dhakkan’guini’s historian friend once said of this legend - quote:

"I am of the opinion that this old story has some hidden riddle confined within its lines."

Our cravings for knowledge are further extended when Dhakkan’guini speaks of his philosophies and explains the mysteries of the “The Seven Times” in relation to the fourth, fifth, sixth and final time. As one reads such spiritual revelations, one suddenly realises these are not the teachings of “savages” as we were taught they were in schools – but were indeed representatives of a culture far greater and more significant than what any European social order has ever offered for their subjects. Dha’muri and its Ka’bi histories hold a key to a history of Australia that in time will be revealed to a stunning effect – thanks to the wisdom of Dhakkan’guini and his Ka’bi Kgai’ya peoples. Other mystifying stories (to give samples) from Dha’muri that have researchers baffled include:

  • The Legend of the Cat People - said to be a third/fourth time story.
  • The Legend of the Spirit's Waterhole - said to be a third/fourth time story.
  • The Legend of the Koala and the Frog - a deeply spiritual story from the fourth time.
  • The Legend of the Thunder Man - a deeply spiritual love story from the fourth time.

Then there is the mystifying “Dhamurian” story – that of Ma'ku'ro, the Warrior from the land of fire and his “sky visitors”. If ever there was a mystery to be solved then this legend is just that. Shining dugouts pushed along by clouds as they came across the sky; dugouts that had heartbeats; languages of gods; strangers with four coloured skins; light spears; golden skinned peoples wearing feathers; spears that brought forth lightning; gold mining and “boiling of trees” references by “strangers”; the building of stone buildings; their sudden departures; earthquakes; and strange earthly events - all of these are told in great detail. These references ultimately leave us with the questions – what events do they refer to: when; why and by whom?
What then of these ancient Ka’bi Kgai’ya clan references to Dha’muri?

  • The land of the women carers and sacred teachers.
  • The place where large carved totem poles in circles once existed.
  • Where children were born, raised and taught in communal nurseries.
  • The jungle places of the "left-handed little people".
  • The kidnapping of women and children and ritual cannibalism.
  • The place of the mountain of the Sun God in the land of mists.
  • Man-beasts who roamed the mountain jungles.
  • The great bunya nut feast gatherings.
  • The legendary caves of the "cat people".
  • Tales of giant spiders and sorcerer “spider ceremony” rituals.
  • The mysterious learning place of Mut’dha.
  • What was the golden place of “Merin’da”?

What then is the Dhamurian Dreamtime?

From all of the Ka’bi Kgai’ya teachings we have, researchers have come to believe it is the doorway to the past, present and the future. Your personal journey begins with the reading of the first “scriptures” and their deep spiritual teachings and references. It is from that point you choose your path of destiny carefully. Symbolically, all those born within these lands are “Indigenous” Australians or “Aborigines”. We are an inseparable part of this land and the spirit forces it holds. Our birth instantly bonds us with the spirits of the old ones and Mother Earth itself. Colour and creed is no barrier to such belongings. Dha’muri – the land of legends and its ancient histories help to put you on a path of understanding and in the process, teaches you the secrets of the past to initiate you for future living on this unique planet.

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