The Australian Prophesy


(An extract from “Land of Legends” by Brett J. Green)

With the social problems that appear to be rising from multi-culturism, religious extremism and racial differences in Australia (and in other countries), we should think carefully while reading the following extracts from the early Queensland anthropologist J. Green’s final words recorded at his deathbed in 1889. His prophetical words appear to have much relevance to the state of the Australian Nation today - an impending culture that will become the heart of a modern nation by the blending of many original cultures - a nation trying to fulfil a modern-day identity in the world at large. Green foresees that future in a most prophetic and disturbing manner. The following extracts are edited versions of Green’s last words as recorded by his son James at the turn of the 19th century (the name of David incidentally is a reference to the last Ka’bi Warrior of the Kgai’ya Clans who was his friend to the very end – and to his son until 1938).

"As I lie here in this godforesaken bed … I am saddened that the greed and need for material possessions for social standing has encroached upon (all) … David and James understand and know how I have come to love this ancient land. My time is getting near and I can feel the magical heartbeat of this great land taking over my veins … David I see has donned the dress of a departing spirit and I know it is for me … (he) has begun the mournful song. I can feel the heartbeat in the air, trees, soil and the waters. It is the essence of all life. Through the mist covering my eyes, I can see a wind of change that shall sweep this country and a great nation shall arise to be reckoned with in a world of nations.”

“The injustices of the European over the black peoples shall in time be forgiven but I fear a Pandora's Box if power and control of the land be returned to the clans. They will have been turned from their old cultures towards the greed and avarice of the European. I fear a great tragedy to come but from this, peoples will come from distant lands and a great nation of mixed cultures of old and new will bind the future direction of which I shall not see. The heartbeat of that new nation and its people will be of the original peoples - the music sound of an ancient land. My eyes weep…”

“I awoke from a misty dream bearing signs of a greater tragedy. It is of the time to come. The leaders of the new nation shall bend on their knee and beg forgiveness of the black for their father’s deeds past. They shall give away the hard earned land and fortunes of their fathers to greedy people not true of this land and leave their own people bare and sleeping in the streetways. The untrue black with his new found greed living with an ever-increasing wealth and loss of the old learnings will make the white black with loose white women. The troubled peoples of the yellow and brown ante-Christs will come from distant lands amidst much scorn and rejection. Many are of the truth but those with devious attitude and not truthful in their mission will fuel a fire of hatred. They will soon oppose the white and black of these ancient lands and make their claim to impose their ways.”

“I have dreamt further that white and black in great numbers will join hands and turn against the yellow and brown ante-Christs. I saw the streetways of the townships and cities running with much blood within the nation. Friend will turn against friend. Religions will be in turmoil as the fight for souls begin. The brave leaders of the people shall cower in their marbled palaces - their privileges withdrawn as they face the bloodied axe for their betrayals.

“The dream in its ending saw a joy of some immensity for the fight was of many years and the land was ravaged with the dead of the ante-Christ. From this revolution and after, a rich and powerful nation called by its ancient name shall spread its wings. The voice of that nation will be of the black, brown, yellow and white. The music will now be of many ancient lands. Its flag of the red, yellow, black and white will stand proud in the skies. Christianity will have long fallen on its own sword and perished from its past deeds as the new shall raise their flag. My eyes weep again.”

“I awoke from a sudden repose to hear voices calling. My pain is no more and around my room stood many of David's people and old friends – but none of my own. They said nothing but they were smiling. I wept with emotion at seeing my old friends. They waved me goodbye as they departed - I knew it was their spirits for they had gone before me. David weeps and I know my time is near. I want to sleep. I have asked David to sit by me. My writings are for him and James - they are my legacy."

A section of  J. Green’s 1889 prophesy document

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