The Seven Times Prophesy

This is Dhakkan’guini’s Explanation of the Seven Times
(A Prophesy dated 27th. February 1926):

"During the second and third times when the seeds were planted by Birali, the woman creature made the law and kept the power of the sacred stones joining the great sky river with the Earth World. When the woman became woman and man as man, women abused their wiles and shamed the men before the gods. The great ones sent big whirlwinds from the sky to take away the stones. The sacred powers were then given to man.

The gods (decreed?) women should not hold the sacred power of the sky serpent for they would abuse it with forked tongue in such a manner to poison a man's spirit, turn man against man, and devise treachery within men and between themselves. The women were made to huddle on the ground, associated with creature foods and things of the soil and under men as punishment. The breaking of such law would turn all evil women into walking stones. The stones of the earth are the remains of those who broke that law.

In the fourth time, many women turned to stone. Soon there were more men than women. Old wise men took the women to make many children. When old men died, new men took their wives. Young men took their boy-wives until it was their time. Everyone lived good and happy.

Now is the fifth time of the seven for the Earth World. The Ngatja said men must remain strong and wise because women will become great in number and strong in power. They saw in their dreams that women will become like men and men like women. Men will huddle on the ground when the fifth time ends. Their warrior spirit will be no more. They will be as women not men. They will be beaten by women and be slave to them. Women will gain the power of the great sky serpent in the sixth time as in the beginning.

The Ngatja have seen the last two men. One is black. The other is yellow. They will be like a trapped animal tied with strings as women suckle the (ringed?) Dhun and drink to make their children. Woman has become man-woman again and their children the same. Woman has returned to the beginning when there was no man. He was inside her belly sleeping.

The sixth time the Ngatja have said, will be again of barren lands, great lights in the sky, terrible hungers and thirsts, and many man-women breeding their own from the belly without man. The last man of yellow will have gone terribly like that of the black one. Man-woman will again become creature.

Ngatja would not tell of dreams for the seventh time only that Birali would come himself and tire of his dying Earth World. He will send his great messenger light and take it back into his belly."
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