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The spiritual record of the Ka’bi Kgai’ya peoples is a series of interpretations explaining the in-depth personal world of the Aboriginal clans of the Central Mary River region centred around the City of Gympie in south-east Queensland. It is a invaluable record for posterity (one of a kind) detailing the old spiritual beliefs, structures and class systems of the Ka’bi Kgai’ya and their associated clans. It also contains material relevant to the Wakka and Batja clans to the west and north of the Ka’bi.

This unique record (the only one now known to be in existence) was compiled over an 80 year period (1851-1938) by one of our earliest and virtually unknown local cultural historians who had been fully initiated into the Ka’bi Kgai’ya clan to the third and most secret level – a truly remarkable achievement. His feat was based on a mutual trust and assisted in his documentations by his life long Aboriginal friend Dhak'kan'guini - the last of the Ka’bi Kgai'ya warrior clan's Na'tja-gu'rus (spiritual teachers).

Their journey of spiritual record endeavours to present a greater understanding of early cultural and spiritual belief systems by using clear and easy-to-understand European-Aboriginal terminologies and meanings and in doing so, interprets realms of conceptual belief in a manner not thought possible of our early peoples. Take for instance this remarkable extract from the mysterious healing ceremony called "Junjarina Wuruwathin":








"The ring of medicine men began to sway side to side as he came closer, chanting above all others. When he reached the inner circle, they were in frantic movement swaying their bodies in circular fashion. I became part of them. I had no control of my body. Something was forcing me to join the men.

He entered the inner circle and with chant, unwrapped the skin-parcel and placed a most strange wooden sculpture of two snakes entwined from the base to the top where only the heads of the snakes protruded facing each other. I recall that the totem was once beautifully painted and I took to the view that it was very ancient.

He proceeded to stand the object in the centre of the inner circle. He sat cross-legged as did others in an empty space within the circle line. The chanting and swaying continued all the while. It stopped suddenly. My head was swimming…. I felt that I was floating. I was in a dream world of a superlative erotic fantasy. The chanting took over my mind. A force was compelling me to breathe heavily through the nostrils and expire with a whoosh through the mouth…we touched the object…as if one, great shock and sharp pain caused my body to shudder uncontrollably. My life forces were being drained from the body. The last I remembered was the chanting."

Such is the extent of the theoretical revelations within, one can only assume that, in the past, we have been misled into believing such beliefs were outside the capabilities of our typecast "savages", "primitives", and "stone-age relics" so described by early historians. These errored teachings may have been the cause of many injustices towards the early clanspeople even to this day.

To understand the spiritual and cultural legacies of Dhak'kan'guini is no mean feat. This introductory website cannot do justice for the magnificent records of interpretation because the teachings are very complex ground plans taking millenniums to mature. They are learnings for which we must apply ourselves to gain a broader understanding of life itself; enlightenment for those in need of spiritual development; and a sharing of the seed for ongoing reincarnation of thought and soul energy. Take for example the following extract on the relationship between the sacred Mary River and teachings of initiation for men:

"The river journey begins at the source. I am safe to mention there are seven places where one communes with the river. Each sacred place has reference to creatures of the water where life began. Each has a special song, dance, body decoration and other sacred signs. The river journey is essential for the union of one's soul with the land and must be performed alone following rituals and instructions by the Na'tjas (teachers). It is the journey of life and survival.

On completion of the journey, the initiate is joined with the sacred men who perform the test of the waters. If one has been successful in his journey, his path of destiny and spiritual class is revealed. Should destiny signs indicate he take the right hand male pathway, then he must follow the animal and bird totems. This is the common path that most are designated.

Should the left female path be that destiny then he is special. He must follow the fish and tree spiritual totemic path. This ceremonial path of destiny commands respect from all others. I must make it clear that family marriage totemic structures are indeed separate from these initiation classes."

So deeply expert were these ancient three levels of initiation beliefs that even today, we don't fully understand the precise meanings and definitions because only the fully initiated were ever given the real purpose and awareness of their cosmic belonging through such spiritual teachings. Only that which was deemed not completely sacred is caringly revealed for our understanding.

These ancient beliefs and principles are caringly transmitted to each initiate when they reach "manhood/womanhood" ages of initiation into their clan. It is therefore correct that such teachings be given the same respect and reverence accorded to any other religious teaching on this planet.
The introduction to the spiritual world of these early peoples forms part of "their bible" for the Aboriginal culture diverse as it is wherever it may be throughout the Australian landscape. Not only are these interpretations their history of "gospel legacies" from a time long ago, each segment tells of a course in history as to their origins as they remembered it.

Symbolically, all those born within these lands are “Indigenous Aborigines” and we should not plead ignorance to ancient beliefs associated with this land by earlier peoples. Colour and creed is no barrier to such belongings and teachings. We are an inseparable part of this land and the spirit forces it holds. Our birth instantly bonds us with the spirits of the old ones and Mother Earth itself. The ancient moralities expertly explained will no doubt assist those with searching minds and their quests for enlightenment towards the path of understanding the secrets of the past and to initiate us for future living on this worldly planet.

The answers to many questions may be found in the legacies of these initiates with their broadened concepts, beliefs, frankness and preciseness of Aboriginal relationships within the three worlds of existence. It is most appropriate that the time of destiny for such legacies to be revealed is now as more and more we search for the meaning of life in a growing chaotic world of undefined human purpose and greed for material possessions.

Should you explore the teachings of the Dreamtime - the doorway to the past, present and future, the revelations of their spiritual journeys will take you through a thought-provoking adventure of discovery into ancestral spiritualities, heavenly sky worlds, underworlds of demons, realities of the physical earth world, reincarnations and purposes of being, and of spiritual unions with all that is.

Your journey of learning will begin with the reading of the first of their revelations – the “insider” beliefs. From that point on, you will need to assess how you should choose your path of destiny. You will also learn of the previously unknown:
  • Spiritual Love Story Legend of the Mary River.
  • Mysterious Healing Dance Ceremony.
  • References to Kundalini, Chakkra and Mulludara beliefs.
  • Ghost-making Spider Legend and associated ceremonies.
  • Spiritual pathways to the Gods.
  • Significances of the Great Sky River.
  • Ancient writings of Dha'mu'ri.
  • Three spirit worlds (Sky World, Earth World and Underworld).
  • Magic of the Sorcerers and Kai'dait'chi Men.
  • Star and Planetary god-family systems and their origins.
  • Totemic spirits of the sky for navigation.
  • Mysterious world of women and customs.
  • Death Rituals and reincarnation principles.
  • Ancient Dravidian, Tamil and Micronesian associations.
  • Totemic Class systems.

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